Experience the Original in the abode of Kings

Ever since he has been involved in building HRH Group of Hotels as a professionally-managed corporate organization, Shriji has been focused on guests ‘Experiencing the Original in the Abode of Kings’. Guests, from overseas or from India, are able to ‘experience’ the living heritage of Mewar through holidays at the Grand Heritage Palaces and Royal Retreats of the HRH Group of Hotels.

As the Chairman of the HRH Group, Shriji is acutely aware of the need to modernize and continuously upgrade the services at the palace-hotels and sanctuary-resorts. Huge investments have been committed every year towards computerization and facilitating operations through the latest IT products and services.

Shriji has said, time and again, “We cannot pass off everything as heritage and expect guests to appreciate ‘sub-standard’ services or outdated infrastructure.”

Grand heritage Palaces & Royal Retreats of the HRH Group of hotels

In an interesting interview to The Economic Times, Shriji said, “I’ve developed HRH Group through internal accruals; we have been slowly and steadily ploughing our resources back into the growing business. Yes, along the way, we have become a leaner organization, more IT-savvy, focused on cost-cutting and developing effective outsourcing solutions at every stage. We wish to remain independent and self-reliant as we develop the HRH brand of heritage hospitality.

This is the reason why we have not adopted the franchisee route for growth; our brand of heritage hospitality is built on personal warmth and world-class service. It cannot be simply replicated anywhere. It is rooted in our heritage and draws its strength from our cultural moorings. We would be diluting our brand if we surrender totally to the softer option.

I would say you do not need deep pockets to grow as a heritage hotel-chain; you need deeper commitment to your own heritage. That is your equity, so to say, in financial jargon.”

Regal Experiences of the HRH Group of hotels

For Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, the challenge has always been to ‘redefine heritage’ and make it meaningful and relevant for guests. He said, in an interview, “It is a major challenge to redefine heritage tourism. We have, in our own humble way, taken it upon ourselves to offer a wide variety of experiences for our guests. Today’s guests are eager to absorb our heritage; they are conscious about the natural and eco-heritage of our cities.”