Coat of Arms


The Mewar Coat of Arms was custom-made during the reign of Maharana Shambhu Singhji who presided over the State of Mewar from 1861 to 1874 AD. In the early years of his reign, the Maharana put together the blueprint of what would go on to become a durable representation of Mewar: its symbolic Coat of Arms.

The spirit of this composition and its Crest denotes the upholding and protecting of freedom and the Fort is a symbol of independent existence.

In the Mewar Coat of Arms are represented:

  • Sword
  • Shiv-ling
  • Sun on the Shield
  • A Rajput warrior and a Bhil on either side of the Shield
  • Motto of the State underneath the Shield: "Jo drirha rakhe dharma koun tihin rakhe katar" –
    The Almighty protects those who stand steadfast in upholding righteousness.